Body-Mind Center

Body-Mind/Test-tudat Centrum

Emese Tarpai and her sister have been the support to make it s foundation possible, while Magda-Lena Rohanszky have been the founder of the concept and workings of The Tűzmadár-Firebird Center for Body-Mind Wholeness

"The warrior knows that a great dream is made up of many different things, just as the light from the sun is the sum of its millions of rays." 
(P. Coelho)

There are many Warriors visiting the Tűzmadár (Pheonix) Foundation every day. Patients and healers, whose dreams and projects are transpired by their inner strength, faith and love.

Emese Tarpai was one of them. She lived abroad for decades, mostly in Africa, with her family. She accompanied her husband to the poorest regions of the world. Emese never went empty handed, she visited schools, orphanages, and organized the proper distribution of donations. She was compensated by kind words, happiness and also the wisdom that there are many things beyond the material wealth which can help to keep one going. She became sick right after her repatriation - she visited our Foundation first as a patient. While she fought her disease with great efforts, she was able to transmit to those around her the high spirits learned from the Africans. She was a cheerful person and shared with us her fondness for beauty, her silent feeling of joy and the strength of her faith in recovery.

She died in August 2010. “She was one of us” said a friend of her at the funeral. Indeed, she was…

We are indebted to her in many ways. She helped us with her ideas, her creativity and organizing ability, she gave strength and faith both to the patients and to our colleagues. We will remember forever the joyful and bright ceremony of the “African Christmas” organized by Emese, her smile while she was explaining the "healing photos from Africa" taken by her husband.

Following her death, her family, her friends and the colleagues of the Foundation decided to establish the “Emese Prize” to remember her and to reinforce the strength of Phoenix Resumption, which is awarded in a different art every year.

In 2012 her sister, Martha Tarpay approached us with a generous donation. She wishes to support the work of the Foundation with cancer patients in the long run by paying respect to the efforts, faith and endurance represented by Emese in her fight with the disease and by acknowledging the support provided to her by the colleagues of the Tűzmadár (Pheonix) Foundation.

That is how the Tarpai Emese Body-Mind Centrum was created in 2012 within the Tűzmadár Foundation, supporting the complex and integrated approach by which our Foundation is helping the physical and mental rehabilitation of the cancer patients.

Owing among others to this generous and altruistic donation, our patients get access free of charge to consultations, trainings and other forms of support representing a market value of tens of thousands of Forints. Many of them could not afford this if it was not free.


Our founder and long time chair and professional expert, Magda-Lena Rohanszky, who passed away in 2019 was the initiator and elaborator of this concept to offer complex psychotherapeutic rehabilitation for to facilitate the healing process of cancer patients.

This program got manifested in what we call: Firebird House complex psychoeducational centre based on experiential, active participatory engagement. As the project deepened in practice and experience, she also realized the need to offer similar engagement for our stakeholders on a wider scale, not necessarily so closely engaged with the medical institutions, but opening to the wider environment, thus she initiated - with the support we received - the establishment a Body-Mind learning center where already rehavbilitated cancer patients, their relatives, friends and participants in the larger whole of society may well generate the necessary inner resilience to be able to conduct a life of high quality and socieal, environmental responsibility for the well-being of all. 




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