Firebird Foundation


Firebird Foundation was established in 2005 for the improvement of the Quality of Life for cancer patients and relatives.

There are 75 000 new cancer care patiens every year in Hungary and more than 300 000 people live with cancer. With the improvement of healing methods, medical technology and medicine, there are a great number of cancer care patients who can heal or extend their life-span with years. Yet, a trauma like this may well lead to change and shift in the quality of life, both health and social respect.

The process of recovering and rehabilitation back to life is often difficult and stressful. It can be a physical and emotional burden for the patiens and for their social enviroment, especially their families.

Our purpose is to provide support and skills to develop need and awareness. for a life of quality and care. 

Thus the aim of the Firebird Foundation is to provide psycho-social support for cancer care patiens and for their relatives if  and when needed.

Our support is client oriented. With the use of our first diagnostic interview, we create an elaborate therapy and/or rehabilitation program in partnership, specialized for each individual’s specific needs.

As Firebird Foundation has a wide network of professionals we can refer clients to the right health and mentalhealth practicioners with appropriate interventions.


We run a center for individual and group work on the premises of St Laszló hospital, called Firebird House, where we conduct our therapeutic groups and consultation, as well as  a Firebird gallery and Filmclub and other community activities. 

We offer individual consultancy as well as a vide range of group therapy, community activities and body-mind awareness programmes, such as 

- Simonton based trainings, MBCR-MBCT, AT, body-mind Tibetan yoga,

- Do-In, Chi Kung, body therapy, nordic walking, nature embrace,

- assertivenes, Williams Life Skills training, 

- art therapy, painting-music-film, bibliotherapy, grief therapy

- peer support groups, drama 


Agnes-Anna Kovács, clinical psychotherapsit, oncopsychologist
Mariann Fedor, clinical psychotherapsit, oncopsychologist

Another important field of Firebird Foundation’s activity is social, legal and financial counseling support.


We aim at influencing the whole of society
and achiving a change in attitude towards cancer and cancer care patients, thus we extand our cooperation and bring about a

- Network of Cancer Care Support NeCC - other cancer care support communities, such as Regea in the North of Hungary, Egészségforrás in Budapest,  Újjáéledés alapítvány, West of Hungary, Gyógyulj velünk association, etc.

- The Association of Hungarian Onco-Psychologits as a research and development and supervision partner for clients and professionals.

We realize the importance of researching and providing accurate information and so we write, publish and conduct research in order to understand the psychological impact and meaning of cancer and to find the most effective therapeutic methods.

 The founder and chair of the Board of Trustees of this Foundation fom 2005-2019 was : Léna Magda Rohanszky, psycho-oncologist,

From 2021. we initiate two annual awards

One for the Magda Rohanszky Award for the OncoPsychologist of the Year 
One for Magda Rohanszky Award for Support, complementary worker of the Year.


Ágota Ruzsa, chair (educator, trainner, lecturer, OD consultant and coach/facilitator)

Members of the Board are:      

Dr Adrienne Stauder, psyhiatrist, Institute of Behavioural research, Semmelweis Medical University, 

Dr Agota Petrányi, oncologist, Semmelweis Medical University, 

Dr Zsuzsa Kovács, clinical psychologist, lecturer at Semmelweis Medical University

Dr Flora Milan, clinical psychologist, Szt Laszló hospital


Dr Gabriella Herodek, oncologist, Petz Aladar Hospital, Győr,

Dr Bernadett Rózsa, onkoligist researcher 





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